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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birth Announcements Ideas for Baby Girls

After nine months of waiting, there is nothing as interesting as exploring various ways to break your big news to close friends and family members. However, at times handling baby girl birth announcements may prove tricky. Knowing exactly what to say and the appropriate medium to use can be quite challenging. On this note, we have researched several ideas that you can use to prepare for a personalized birth announcement for your baby girl.

Unique birth announcement cards

Cards have been used for years to convey different types of messages. They have proven quite effective and to date they are seen as one of the best ways to communicate special messages such as child birth. To ensure that your cards stand out from the rest and that the birth of your baby girl remains engraved in people's minds, you should invest a little effort in terms of designing unique and personalized pieces. Even though going for generic cards at your local store may do, it's always better to remain unique especially while conveying such special messages as the birth of your little angel by opting for personalized cards.

Compile a mailing list on time

A majority of parents are fond of planning for things when it's too late. To avoid incidences of confusion and unnecessary stress, you should collect details and addresses beforehand to save precious time and energy. In fact, this should be done before choosing the announcement cards (or gifts for that matter) to serve as a guide as to how many will be required. Remember, while compiling your list of mailing addresses make sure that all the important people in your life are included. Be sure to do thorough homework on this.


The format of child birth announcement cards is not fixed. However, to ensure that you convey all the important information, you should include the following details while preparing your cards.

*Baby's name
*Parent's names
*Date of birth
*Weight of the baby

These details should be conveyed in third person. Sentences should read like this:

“Mr. and Miss ABCD are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter………”

Photos are a perfect idea

Photos are a perfect way of communicating the birth of your baby girl. They provide a perfect opportunity for your loved ones to get a glimpse of your new baby. You can take advantage of modern technology to create a website for your child and upload her photos there. Then, e-mail the URL to the particular people with whom you want to share the good news with.

When it comes to announcing the birth of your baby girl, there is a lot that you can do. You can choose to take advantage of modern technology and convey your message in a unique and fast way. You can also opt to invest your time in an older yet still effective way to send your message through cards and gifts. Whichever way you choose, creativity is of great importance. Stick to unique ideas for girl birth announcements and you'll be amazed at how your friends will celebrate after receiving the message.
"A mother knows what her child's gone through, even if she didn't see it herself."
                                                 -Pramoedya Ananta, Toer

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Best Birth Announcement for your Bundle of Joy

When life gives you a sweet bundle of joy, you ought to give thanks and appreciate the gift. When you hold in your arms a beautiful baby boy or girl, it is only natural to want to show your joy to the whole world. Creating birth announcements can be a great and wonderful time for parents. Plan each and every detail on how you want your child to remember it all, so that later on he can be able to see the joy you heard. Here are some ideas on how to make the best birth announcements.

Do not be afraid to show the world the joy you have in receiving your child. For the announcement, start by coming up with a guest list of the people you intend to invite. Do not forget to add little children to the list so that you create an opportunity for the child to bond with them later in life. Hire a professional photographer for that day so that he takes a great photograph of you the parents holding the child. You can then decide to use this as the basis for an invitation card. Picture the smiles your friends and relatives will have when they see how fulfilled you look in the card.

To add to the card that you will be sending, have cute teddy bears designed. In the pouch of the bear attach the card and a lovely picture of the baby. You may decide to have the baby's picture on an attached love heart. This shows what a loving and jovial family you are to have that child.

During the party give the guests a gift that they can use to remember the day. Hand out an album to put their photos in. At the back cover of the album put a picture of your baby smiling and a few words of love. Create something that your child will come to appreciate when he grows up.

While the party is going on make a point to share a brief history about the family so that they understand your family roots.

Many families are great sports fans, dress the baby up in a cute uniform and take his picture, go further to add a sweet sport's message of how he has fought his way out for nine months to join the family.

If the baby has older siblings make sure to include them in the card photo. This will show unity and love in the family unit. While still at the party take many pictures and create memories for the future.
During the party ensure that the guests stay entertained and that at some point they have the chance to hold the baby. The baby is the main reason they came so ensure that they get to see you with him or her.

Pour your heart and soul into your baby’s birth announcement and ensure that every single detail is on point. You only get to welcome him for the first time once, so make sure it is unforgettable.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Handmade Birth Announcements

New mothers love showing off their babies, and this usually begins with a birth announcement. If you’re looking for an opportunity to flex your creative skills and save money, handmade birth announcements are a great alternative to run-of-the-mill announcements.

A professional design is easy to achieve at home. Use colored craft paper for the border, and glue card stock to the middle. If you’re feeling ambitious, write the details in cursive. You can also print out the information from your home computer, giving your announcements a simple, elegant appeal.  Add a small ribbon, or use a calligraphy pen for embellishments if you want to add some flair.

If you want to create fun birth announcements, your options are endless. Look through scrap booking supplies and card stock to find your favorite designs, or buy pre-made announcements to dress up. Trace patterns with stencils, or use sponge paint or stamps to frame your announcement. If you do not want to buy items for painting or stamps, then use colored paper to cut out your own designs.

Expectant and new mothers have enough stress, and birth announcements can be low key but still unique. Use thick colored paper to trace and cut out an item. Onesies, pacifiers, rocking horses, and anything newborn-related is perfect. If you have a theme for your baby's room like baseball, then cut out a bat or make a baseball diamond. The cut outs become festive announcements that are special and eye-catching.

Turn an invitation into a keepsake by making it special. Magnets, coasters, water bottles, buttons, key chains, and more can show off your newborn. While these items can be personalized in a store, kits exist containing many of these items. If you pride yourself on standing out and having the best ideas, these birth announcements are functional and impressive.

You may already have items at home that can be transformed into hassle free announcements. Cut and decorate unused folders, or make over the whole folder so recipients can store baby pictures in it. Newspapers can be edited by cutting together parts to make a new headline that announces a baby, and magazine covers can be altered to look like your baby is on the front cover. Only one design is needed and can be scanned and printed. With these inexpensive household items, you can create memorable, one-of-a-kind announcements. 

These ideas work for any skill level and time limit. Plus, these birth announcements will amaze others and are a keepsake for your newest family member.
"Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body."
-Elizabeth Stone

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